Contribution Packages

Become a part of our community by contributing in some of these exciting ways:

Season Tickets

Join ECCE at this season's six ticketed events at Le Laboratoire, Cambridge and the Boston Athenaeum and our special event at the home of Cynthia and John Reed on September 8th.


Music and the Healing Arts

Join local best selling author Mia Moran at the home of Ecce board member Carrie Fitzsimmons for an evening of music, yoga, healthy living and culinary arts.

Mia Moran is a bestselling author and wellness advocate. Learn more about her at

$500. 10 seats available. Scheduled for Winter 2017.

ECCE House Concert

A House Concert of your very own. Bring Ecce to your home for an evening of classical chamber music. We'll perform a concert tailored to your perfect evening with friends and family.


Sponsor a Concert

Join Ecce's community of concert sponsors! Each one of our events happens because of the support of music lovers like you.

2016-17 Event Sponsors:

Katie and Paul Buttenweiser
Cynthia and John Reed


Cruise on the Harbor

Cocktail cruise and music on the Boston Harbor: An evening harbor cruise on Boston's harbor with food, music, the Ecce Ensemble and innovator David Edwards. Invite up to 12 of your friends and family and for this fabulous evening. The cruise will depart from Boston Yacht Haven.

$10,000. Can be Scheduled for Fall, Spring or Summer.