Etchings 2018, June 30 - July 7 -- Apply Now


Program for Composers:

Composer Fellows are commissioned to write one piece for ECCE to be premiered at the festival. In addition, Fellows sketch and develop smaller compositions in workshops. These smaller pieces are read and recorded.  Fellows have lessons and masterclasses with Faculty composers. 


The Fellows who study at Etchings come from around the world, traveling from the US, all parts of Europe and as far as Singapore and Argentina.  Mentorship by some of the world's best composers affords a special intimacy and consideration for each composer. Fellows know they will receive expert performances as well as lasting bonds and collaborations built from the special festival atmosphere. Etchings Festival recordings are great tools for graduate school applications, job applications and in tenure portfolios.


Composers Program

  •  Live performance of your work on Etchings Festival concert program
  •  One-on-one lessons with Etchings Guest Faculty
  •  Solo works created in collaboration with ECCE Members
  •  Opportunity for collaboration with Dance / Movement Fellows for your premiere.
  •  Professional Audio / Video Documentation of your premiere.
  •  Rehearsals of your work coached by Etchings Guest Faculty.
  •  Workshops with members ECCE.
  •  Seminars with Etchings Guest Faculty.
  •  Housing, all breakfasts, lunches and some dinners
  •  Pick up and drop off from Gare de Valence d'Agen

Upon acceptance, Fellows are commissioned to compose a work for the ensemble and an instrumentation is given. Commissions are usually assigned by early February and are due in the first week of June. Selected composers are encouraged to be in frequent contact with ECCE members as they compose their commissioned work.

Fellows will have the opportunity to attend workshops in violin, oboe and flute techniques and will be asked to bring a sketch for a solo work for either of these instruments. Fellows' compositions will be workshopped and time will be given for small revisions before final performances. Composer Fellows will also have the opportunity to work with Dance / Movement Fellows to have these solo works choreographed for performance at the Galleie ArKad in Auvillar.

Festival Participant Fees:

Room and Board for 8 days in Auvillar: $700
Lessons, Masterclasses, Workshops, Seminars: $700
Rehearsals, Concert and Recording: $400

Total Festival Participant Fees (all inclusive):
Performance Program and Collaborative Program: $1800.

Music Program
Movement for Theater and Dance Program