Ecce is an ensemble of performing and creative artists. We take on intensive collaborations and pedagogical projects that touch on important cultural and social aspects of our time. Our core aim is to work in a collaborative, creative, socially engaged and interdisciplinary way. We routinely reach out to artists from around the world to assist in our collaborative projects and our ensemble is diverse in its talents and creative visions.

Recent collaborators have been with prominent international figures such as Kaija Saariaho, Toshio Hosokawa, Philippe Hurel, Erin Gee, Mark Andre, Garth Knox, Keiko Murakami, and a range of other performers, theater artists and movement artists. In the past ten years, over a hundred emerging composers and sound artists from around the globe have been mentored at our annual summer festival in Auvillar, France.  


2019-2020 season projects announced:

Nov. 1.

Christophe Bertrand. Le Chute du Rouge
Erin Gee. Mouth Piece XXVIII
Jonathan Harvey. Chu
John Aylward. Ananke

Good Shepherd Church.
Lincoln Center.
152 W 66th St. New York.



Feb. 6.

Laine Rettmer. New Work

(Part of Ecce’s continuing residency at AREA, David Guerra,

AREA Gallery. 460 Harrison Ave. Boston.


Feb. 10.

Toshio Hosokawa. Stunden Blumen
Toshio Hosokawa. In memory of Ysang Yun
Ysang Yun. East West Miniatures
Noriko Miura. Echo / Voices

Harvard Musical Society.
57 Chestnut St. Boston


March 21 & 22

Clark University Residency.

(Part of Ecce’s ongoing residency at Clark University)
Workshops, seminars and performances

All events:
Jenny and Anthony Razzo Hall.
92 Downing St. Worcester.

March 25.

Dominique Schafer.
Philippe Leroux.
Prelude à l’épais
Postlude a l’épais

Good Shepherd Church.
Lincoln Center.
152 W 66th St. New York.

Pre-concert talk with Philippe Leroux, 7PM.


Martin Brody’s new Cantata Burlesque Feral performed at Wellesley College starring Nina Guo and Colin Gee!

Mini doc on Etchings:

Thank you Caroline Aylward for an incredible documentary on the Etchings Festival! Please all, take a few minutes to explore and discover this magic village of Auvillar and the work we do there each year for emerging composers from around the world! Just wait till you hear what we have in store for 2020!!